Which Cocktail Your Zodiac Sign Indicates

Therefore, drinking implies that you're draaaanking. Bottoms up, and send for an Uber, please 

Taurus, you are the perpetually stylish Aperol Spritz, the beverage that has been sweeping Instagram in recent summers 

. Smooth and airy, with a hint of orange liqueur Aperol, this drink is a wonderful combination of Prosecco. 

You are a margarita, Gemini. This tasty drink, which is both sweet and salty, wonderfully captures your dual personality 

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The ideal way to start the celebration is with a marg. Additionally, we know you're ordering a pitcher based on your social habits. 

You are a Hot Toddy, Cancer. A warm, comforting cocktail perfect for you, the homebody 

. The ingredients are as follows: lemon, honey, whiskey, and hot wate 

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