The World's Largest Breed of Cows, Familiar with the Names of the Best

Domesticated for countless generations, cattle are among the most magnificent and massive creatures on our planet. 

These beautiful creatures, ranging from towering steers to gigantic bulls, awe with their strength and size. 

Stemming from Italy's Tuscan region, the Chianina is the biggest cow breed in the world.  

The world's tallest and heaviest cows are these beasts, standing at over 2 meters tall and weighing over 1,700 kilograms.  

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Renowned for their long history, they were once utilized for pulling carts but are now mostly kept for their meat.  

The endurance and flexibility of Chianina cows are on full display 

in their capacity to adapt to warmer conditions, thanks to their strong, parasite-resistant skin. 

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