The Greatest Fish for Omega-3s

the extra cost is justified. A pound of wild Alaskan salmon typically costs around $30. 

This fish is referred to as iwana in sushi bars. Because it is raised in chemical-free systems 

, arctic char provides a sustainable alternative to farmed salmon. You can choose this farmed fish over wild-caught (which is difficult to obtain, anyhow). 

Choose sardines that are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and can be found in Mexico or Australia 

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. If you can locate them from Mexico or Australia, they make a fantastic snack as they don't have the same mercury 

concerns as fish that are higher on the food chain, such grouper and swordfish. 

Sablefish, sometimes referred to as butterfish, black cod, or Alaska cod, is highly sought after due to its rich, buttery flesh 

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