Protecting the Heart of a Zodiac in February

Letting your defenses down isn't always easy, and it might not be the greatest choice either. 

Sign of the Ram  You aren't in the appropriate frame of mind to welcome somebody new at the moment, and that's just fine.  

Right now, you shouldn't take such a huge risk. You are under no obligation to risk all for another person. 

Leo  Because you would hate to make a mistake you later come to regret, you will be protecting your heart with all your might this February. 

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You should exercise caution before letting someone in, as doing so could lead to their hurting you.  

A scorpion  You are protecting your heart with armor in February since the wounds from your most recent hurtful experience are still very much alive. 

The pain, rage, and frustration you felt as a result of their actions are still with you. 

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