Owners of Certain Dog Breeds Quickly Come to Regret Makeup Purchases

Still, some dog owners feel remorse despite the many benefits dogs provide, such as companionship and happiness.  

A whopping $136.8 billion was spent on pets in 2022 alone by Americans, with millennials making up 33% of pet owners. 

Dalmatians have a long history of being symbols of grace and beauty due to their immaculate white coats speckled with black or liver spots.  

Despite its striking appearance, this breed isn't always the best fit.  

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Unfortunately, after welcoming a Dalmatian into their homes, some people become disillusioned.  

Dalmatians are intelligent, hyperactive, and have an intrinsic need for continual mental and physical stimulation.  

In the absence of enough mental and physical stimulation, this breed may display destructive habits. 

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