I don't think Mac Ruby Woo is the ideal red; rather, I think it's more cherry-red than red-red 

I use Sephora No. 1, which is more tomato red than true red. Still, it's really close. Thus, I'm currently searching for the ideal red. 

Retailer Westside has introduced a collection of sparkly bullet lipsticks in tones of pink, orange, red, and brown to go along with the current trend 

I chose the orange tone, or bloom, but it wasn't as vibrant as it appeared. The product applies well, however it takes multiple applications 

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Actor-turned-entrepreneur Katrina Kaif launched a brand of high-pigmentation lip tints with a vegan, 

paraben-free, and mineral oil-free formula to commemorate its fourth anniversary at the end of 2023 

Because it is a tint, it fades to leave a vivid yet subtle stain. It lasts a long time and delivers on pigmentation.