Life Will Take a Turn for the Better for These Zodiac Signs in February

You no longer participate in the simple routines that used to bring you the greatest happiness. 

You have experienced a sense of burden and tedium that did not seem to have any obvious origin or reason.  

VIRGO  Virgo, you're familiar with that. That which you hold responsible for your perpetual state of misery and negativity? 

That thing you sometimes wish you had, like magical powers or extrasensory perception like Matilda or Harry Potter?  

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A windfall is on the way for you, Pisces. Money for enjoyment. Money that doesn't require you to adopt a false identity.  

The sort of cash that is blown on appetizers, main courses, and dessert. Otherwise, you might use to settle your credit card balances. 

At least there will be something tangible to gaze at. Message that reminds you that life may also be good. 

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