How to Make King Arthur's Chocolate Chip Cookies

The recipe for the nostalgic cookie is frequently passed down from generation to generation 

but even if your family doesn't have a particular recipe, you probably have a chocolate chip cookie that you love from the store or bakery.  

. Fresh lemon, melted butter, garlic, and richness combine to create a culinary masterpiece that doesn't require a whole pantry makeover. 

An equal mixture of butter and margarine to make the dough workable, satisfying the needs for texture and taste 

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(Shortening prevents the cookies from spreading too much, and butter adds flavor.) a 2:1 ratio between white and brown sugar 

. Because of the molasses in the mixture, brown sugar has a tiny acidity. When it combines with baking soda,  

a leavening agent, the result is cookies that resemble cakes. In addition to providing the cookie-like consistency 

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