Flourless Chocolate Cake Ingredients

, and simple to prepare! This is the dish you will use on special days, at dinner parties, or even on a weeknight 

when you have last-minute company. It has the most exquisite texture—it's airy and soft, but also fudgy and incredibly chocolatey 

all at once. Its strikingly stunning crackly top fracturing as it melts in your mouth. Because it is meant to fall and crack 

No flour: There is not a single grain of flour in this cake. The two primary elements that give this cake structure instead of flour 

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The whipped proteins from the egg whites provide most of the structure and lift that give this cake its light and airy texture 

Dark chocolate is the foundation of this recipe's rich chocolate flavor. Due to its high cocoa content, dark chocolate offers some starchy 

ingredients that will help the dough hold together. Additionally extremely hard at room temperature, 

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