Five More Rare Bicentennial Quarters Are Worth Over $2,000; One Is Nearly $20k.

The Bicentennial Quarter honors the United States' 200th anniversary with a distinctive design. 

This coin is unique from the others since it has a beautiful eagle on the obverse and a drummer boy on the reverse.  

The Buzz in the Market The market is booming as news gets out about the hidden value of Bicentennial Quarters.  

These rare gems are in high demand due to numismatists and collectors searching for them, and their prices are rising to unprecedented levels. 

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How thus can you ascertain whether your Bicentennial Quarter is authentic? A number of things are taken into consideration, 

such as the coin's quality, rarity, and any special qualities it could have. To obtain an accurate estimate 

speaking with a qualified coin appraiser is a smart decision. 

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