whether your guests choose finger-licking-good wings and jalapeño poppers or a savory bowl of dip with all your favorite chips  

It's incredibly simple to make this vivid green hummus recipe—just throw a few ingredients into the food processor

pulse! Avocado and aquafaba, or the liquid from canned chickpeas, give this nutritious dip an especially smooth 

and creamy texture. Accompany with crudités, pita chips, or vegetable chips 

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After a few minutes under the broiler, the sweet balsamic sauce that coats these buttery 

soft morsels of salmon sticks to them perfectly. Use wooden picks to present this simple snack, and store any leftovers to use  

, as a filler for wraps or as a salad topper. Make this appetizer the focal point of your next grain bowl and make it a major course.