Dog Breeds That Replicate Coyotes Yet Make Excellent Pets

Even though they might appear and behave amiably at times, these are not the kinds of creatures you should approach. 

Keep a safe distance from coyotes if you come across one, advises Anita Koziarski of the Town of Cary Animal Services in Cary 

The Czech wolfdog is a devoted and extremely clever dog. These dogs have a 12- to 16-year lifespan  

can reach a weight of 44–57 pounds. Although they are very loving, they don't usually get along with little children or other dogs.  

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These are strong canines that are eager to travel with you. They possess the endurance and stamina required for individuals 

who lead active lives. Despite being excellent companions, the American Kennel Club advises against first-time owners of this breed. 

There is another puppy that resembles a coyote in appearance: the Saarloos wolfdog 

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