Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Loaf

Their unique quality? A Blueberry Lemon Loaf. Unfortunately, they were really attached to their recipe even though it was love at first tast 

So, motivated by an overwhelming desire, I replicated that memory, and presto! This was the genesis of the recipe 

. I can still feel the brightness, laughing, and mouthfuls of heaven from that day with every bite. 

All I can hope is that this loaf, like it did on mine, adds a little magic to your table. 

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Ultra-Moist: Every bite melts in your tongue because of the Greek yogurt. 

Berry-Bursting: A rush of freshness thanks to its packed blueberry content! 

Lemon Lusciousness: A zesty dance on your taste, a symphony of lemon from zest to glaze. Not Another Dipping Blueberries 

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