All 50 States' Most Distinct Comfort Foods

Here are some unusual regional dishes that bring back fond memories of home for some Americans. 

Seeing a white sauce in Alabama could be a bit shocking if you're accustomed to seeing just tomato-based barbecue sauces on your table.  

But the vinegary, black pepper-heavy sauce with mayo in it goes wonderfully with smoked chicken and other barbecued meats. 

This product is amazing if you like ranch. 

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Native Alaskans make akutaq, which is also known as Alaskan ice cream. 

Sweetener, local fruit (fresh or frozen), animal fat, and occasionally dried meat or fish are the main ingredients in this dish. 

For an ice cream-like texture and appearance, whisk the fat and berries with snow until they are smooth, creamy, and light.  

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