"Village Mediterranean Rim offers a half-dozen tagines starting with one that has a lamb meatloaf simmered with dried apricots, onion marmalade and wine. This is Moroccan food without the employment of any belly dancers or, really, anything that would indicate the restaurant is a Moroccan cuisine specialist." -- Edwin Goei, OC Weekly, May 29, 2014

"Do you ever feel the need to escape – perhaps from work, the kids, responsibilities? That place (we found) was a tiny little restaurant called The Village on Avenida Del Mar. Although The Village is a small space, it is decorated beautifully. The restaurant is adorned with beautiful lamps, many candles and soft music playing in the background. The magic about The Village is that you can go with a date or just a good friend, and either way you will have a great meal in a lovely setting." -- Julie Payne, Sun Post News, January 24, 2009

"Certainly one of the most charming restaurants in San Clemente is, without a doubt, Village Mediterranean Rim. While the room is small, the décor, a mix of Mediterranean and Moroccan, is absolutely beautiful in detail of art. The restaurant has been here since 1998 and owner/chef Nour Tillo studied with various chefs through Italy and Morocco. I must say, San Clemente now has some of the very best food you will find in these parts. If you want the best, you will not be disappointed. This is quality cuisine. – The Taste Bud Knows, May 24, 2008

"A romantic getaway awaits! The Village Mediterranean Rim enchants visitors the moment they arrive. Crossing through the threshold, you feel as though you have stepped off the streets of San Clemente directly into an old friend's home in Europe. From the eclectic music and azure blue and gold walls hung with European style art, to the delicious and thoughtfully prepared food, every little detail is well thought out and leaves visitors with a sense of feeling graciously welcomed and part of a large family. Perhaps that is why over the years couples have felt so comfortable here that they shared one of their biggest moments –becoming engaged – at the Village Mediterranean Rim." -- Gia Lucy, Beach Cities Style, January/February 2007

"For the jaded palate of the gourmet who to0 often dines at fancy tables in expensive restaurants, finding an adorable gem like Village Mediterranean Rim in San Clemente makes the culinary world right again. For the neophyte who loves good food, but doesn't have the budget or the inclination to spend endless hours in high-end restaurants, discovering a place like this that's loaded with charm, intimacy and grace is hitting the jackpot. Thus, connoisseurs and folksy diners alike make up the happy crowds that keep the place humming. You will no doubt end up enjoying the head chef and owner, Nour Tillo, as much as his food. He is a modest and sincere person whose own heart is easily discerned and felt in his presence, in every inch of this space, and in his food" -- Fifi Chao, OrangeCoast Magazine, June 2006

"From the moment you walk in, you can tell something's different. The charm is unmistakable. This is a place where time slows down and food tastes better than imagined. This is the Village Mediterranean Rim, tucked away in downtown San Clemente. Home to such delicacies as roasted back of New Zealand lamb with herb Provence or pork tenderloin with grape-molasses sauce, Village Med has cornered the market in fine dining in San Clemente." – San Clemente Journal, August, September, October 2004

"The Village is an example of why guidebooks like Zagat will always fall short of local knowledge. Her the owner and head chef Nour Tillo assembles seasonal produce with a Med-influence flair. Tillo has an incredibly light hand and a deep enough understanding the cuisines he plays with to ensure subtlety and harmony. Nothing jars…Tillo's hallmark is clean flavors and dishes with textural variety – a well thought-out balance of crunchiness and creaminess. (The food) is faultless. Flawless. Fabulous. – Anthony Gomez, Riviera Magazine, July 2004

"Charm does not describe this little restaurant. The walls are beautifully painted with scenes – go see for yourself – it is really cozy…I did say this was a treasure and I have never been disappointed with the food, and it has always exceeded our expectations. The flavors are simply the best." – Taste Bud, Sun Post News, April 16, 2004

"There is real creativity and attention to the quality of ingredients at the Village, which specializes in what might be called comfort food for the adventurous. Owner and head chef Nour Tillo says he wanted to provide diners with examples of the many characteristic tastes of cuisine of more than a dozen countries around the Mediterranean Rim. He calls it "fusion" food – combining, for instance, Tai curry and Moroccan spices in a single seafood dish. And just try to catalogue the countries represented in a dish like the almond-crusted calamari with roasted pepper aioli, or the pear, arugula, endive and candied walnut salad with raspberry vinaigrette and blue cheese" – Patrick Mott, Orange Coast Metro, February 7, 2002